What is defined as a “Consumer Debt” and what is not.

First of all, you’ve found “Sue The Collector” and you’re likely being contacted by a debt collector regarding a past due debt.

You want more information, but not all debts qualify for legal help.

Let’s make sure you qualify and we will do our best to explain the law and why it matters.

Consumer Debt

Consumer debt is a debt that has been generated for “consumer” use.

  • Personal Credit Cards
  • In-Store Financing of any consumer merchandise
  • Rental Furniture Merchandise
  • Home Mortgages
  • Rent from an Apartment
  • Student Loans
  • Parking Fines issued by a private parking lot
  • Personal Bank loans and lines of credit
  • Vehicle loans
    • (including loans for Planes, Boats, RV’s and other consumer vehicles all fall under the definition of a consumer purchase and are defined as consumer debts.

Not Consumer Debts

  • Business Loans (including loans you took out personally to be used for business equipment or payroll, marketing)
  • Alimony
  • Child Support
  • Criminal Restitutions (Money you owe from a criminal case as ordered by a judge for repayment)
  • Federal, State or City Fines/Fees
  • Traffic Tickets
  • Parking Tickets issued by a city