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Get up to $1,000 for harassment, and paid up to $1,500 for every single illegal robocall.

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If your consumer rights have been violated by a collector or lender, we can help you.

CDC Eviction Form:

How to know if a Debt Collector is doing something illegal.

Examples when Debt Collectors Have Violated The Law:

  • Has The Debt Collector:

  • Lied To You About Anything?

  • Embarrassed you or Humiliated You?

  • Treated You Unfairly?

If ANY Debt Collector (Or Original Creditor in California Only) has done anything to collect a debt that is untruthful, embarrassing or unfair, then you MAY have a case!

Examples of Illegal Debt Collection Violations:

  • Calling Before 8AM or After 9PM
  • Calling Friends, Relatives or Neighbors Seeking Location Information when they already have your location information.
  • Calling your job (on your job owned telephone) when your job doesn’t allow personal phone calls.
  • Using Vulgar, Swears, Racist or Defamatory language to collect a debt.
  • Lying to you about the status of your debt or how much you actually owe.
  • Lying about taking you to court or using “escalation” language like “we will advise our lawyers of your non-cooperation” insinuating legal consequences
  • Adding Additional Fees, such as collections fees, late fees, interest charges or convenience fees coupled with accepting credit card payments

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