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Being Harassed by

You could be paid up to $1,000 cash for any harassment by a debt collector. Your debt could be canceled forever!

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Illegal Debt Collector Help

Examples of when a Debt Collector Breaks the Law

  • Calling you BEFORE 8 AM 

  • Calling you AFTER 9 PM at night

  • Calling Your Friends, Relatives and Neighbors About Your Debt

  • Threatening You With Arrest
     (Take A Warrant Out In Your Name, Etc;)

  • Threatening You With Physical Harm

  • “Robo-dialing” Your Cellphone Without Your Permission

  • Falsely Threatening to Sue You

  • Publishing a Collection to Your Credit Report and Not Sending You A Letter

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The Attorneys at Sue The Collector have helped cancel over ONE BILLION Dollars in Consumer Debts.

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The Original and Best. Getting Illegal Calls From a Debt Collector? Sue Them! 

A Debt Collector?

Helpful Tips To Handle Debt Collectors:

Don't Block Telephone Numbers

If you block telephone numbers, it's difficult to prove your claims under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Therefore, don't block calls from debt collectors. 

Tell them to stop calling.

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The legal team at Sue The Collector will help you Sue any debt collector, Telemarketing Company, or Credit Reporting Agency that violates the law.


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If you continue to get calls AFTER you've told them to stop calling you may have a case against the Debt Collector, Bank, Telemarketing companies or anyone calling using an Automated Dialing System.

Debt Collections In America.
Almost 32% Of Americans Are In Some Form Of Debt Collection Today.

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