Illegal Repossessions Help and the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act – 1692 f (6)

Car Being Repo’d by a Tow Truck Driver

So your car was repossessed? That sucks!

It could be that your car was not PROPERLY or LEGALLY repossessed.

Here’s what constitutes a legal repo vs. a not so legal repo.

Rules: There must be a “Breach of the Peace” in order for an illegal repossession to take place. If the repo agent does breach the peace, you have a case.


  • Repo man cannot trespass on private property.
  • Repo man cannot break into a garage or break locks or use bolt cutters to obtain access to secured facility to obtain vehicle.
  • Repo man MUST leave private property once he/she is warned of trespassing.

If there is a breach of the peace, repossession agents are not allowed to continue to repossess your car without a court order. Doing so may violate the FDCPA vehicle & various state laws.

Additionally, if the police assist with the repossession and force you to give up your car (without a court order), your civil rights may also have been violated.

If you think your vehicle was wrongfully repossessed (or may be in the future), contact us for a no cost review. You may be entitled to money damages (and/or waiver of any remaining balance) and force the collector to pay your attorney fees and costs!