What is “Sue The Collector”

Sue The Collector was started by Consumer protection expert, Jarred D. Johnson. As a consumer, Jarred experienced first hand what happens when debt collectors want to break the law in order to collect a debt.

Out of a need for a national resource, Jarred created “Sue The Collector” to give consumers throughout the United States a resource to combat illegal debt collections and, if needed, give consumers a legal option by connecting consumers with highly skilled, successful and prominent Consumer Protection Lawyers.

Consumer Law is not like normal legal work.

Listen, if you are being bombarded by debt collection calls and letters, it doesn’t seem like you have any options.

The opposite is true.

You have all the options and can fight back against debt collectors.

How to get legal help.

If you are actively in debt collections, for Medical Debt, Credit Card Debt, Home Foreclosure, Repossession of your car, truck, boat or plane, or student loans, the best thing to do is just contact us and allow our team to evaluate your accounts in collections and work directly with you.

List of things we need to see to qualify you for free legal help:

  1. Get copies of your current credit reports. You can get a copy of your credit reports from https://www.annualcreditreports.com – Please login and opt in for all three copies from Equifax, Transunion and Experian. We need to be able to evaluate everything if possible.
  2. Collect all debt collection letters and paperwork that’s been mailed to you. We want to see everything you’ve ever received by a debt collector.
  3. We need to see your phone. We want to see who has been calling you and how often. We can spot patterns and illegal behavior by debt collectors quickly when we see how often they call you.